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Miranda Lambert addresses weight loss surgery rumors

Miranda Lambert addresses weight loss surgery rumors

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Miranda Lambert wants her fans to know she attained her current slim figure "the healthy and good old fashioned way." 

In a new website post, the country star is denying rumors that she underwent weight loss surgery, calling such stories "ridiculous."  She explains that she trimmed down by watching what she ate and working out, and used the assistance of a trainer. 

Miranda says she can't say just how many pounds she lost, because "it's not about a scale, it's about how you feel and how your jeans fit."  She adds that on her 30th birthday earlier this month, her "skinny jeans were finally baggy," so "mission accomplished."  

Lambert is also hoping to discourage people who are "tempted to read the 'Trash Talk,'" and wants to "encourage everyone to be confident at any size." 

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